My lovely wife

a lovestory alla Cinderella
or maybe better described as the
beauty and the beast

a snapshot taken in a small botanic garden in Wellington (NZ) using a Pentax ME super

Her name is Benjamat but her nickname is Ka-Taiy and my nickname for her is TWEETY



The Van Cleven Family Site has an important mission : it keeps the family together across time zones and distances. More and more we are relying on technology to keep contact and to see what others are doing. As I don’t believe in social sites (I still think direct contact is better, even the use of a phone is more direct than “posting on a wall”) I decided to manage my information myself using a webserver running in Hong Kong, another webserver at home hosting the private data and last but not least a blog based on simple HTLM code running on the server at home.

The Children’s pictures on this page link you to the different domains handled by the kids and if you want to comment on it please send them emails :-). As you can see : only one is active (Marijkes) so it’s time to push them in the correct direction :-)

A new website has gone on-line : Casa de Ensueno. This shows the villa in Spain that is ready to be rented out by Nicolas and Marijke. Please check it out!!!


 If you have any questions or would like to speak with me, please e-mail me at Philip@vancleven.com or contact me through skype(clevenp) or gtalk (clevenp)  

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Marijke en Nicolas

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