Currently I am living in the magnificent country called SIAM or better known  as Thailand. For how long? no idea but one thing is sure : this is HOME for me.

I was born in Bruges, Belgium on July 15 many years ago. Studied in Bruges and Ostend and worked in many places around the world. To settle down was never a real option as I pursued the jobs I wanted to do and that brought me to France, Germany, Australia, USA with some side trips to Nepal, Singapore, Korea and Japan. Thailand didn’t come on my personal radar screen till a dear friend of mine (Chris) decided to do a business deal in Thailand and he asked me to join him to help with the contract.

Thailand has a number of provinces and the most well known areas¬ are of course Bangkok, Phucket, Pattaya and Chang Mai but this country¬ has many more things to offer that just tourism : Thailand makes for example as many cars as Detroit and the manufacturing industry is mostly compliant to the ISO standards. Some of the marvels of Thailand can be seen in the public photo gallery

In September 2003, after I got my divorce organized, I needed a big change and¬ I selected Bangkok as my new base. Reasons ? various reasons - too many to make a list but the most important ones

  • a strategic driver : I could focus on the creation of¬ Cargosec, its Product Architecture and the patents related to¬ Cargosec. This resulted in a set of documents and presentations.¬ Unfortunately after 18 months struggling, the company never mad it through the VC rounds 
  • and many months later a personal reason : able to start over again with my personal life : in Jan 2004, I met a wonderful young lady : Taiy (pronounced KaTaiy) who became my wife on July 21th, 2005 and a second time on August 15th, 2005. Frowning? the first was a Buddhist ceremony that is more important than the civil signing (which took about 150 seconds!).
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taiy getting me even more in trouble feb 1 2004_small